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The Adventurers Club is a cornucopia of pop culture tidbits. Stuff I like, rescued from that dusty corner of the attic just behind the Christmas lights.

Take a look around, grab a cup of coffee and put your feet up. After the caffeine kicks in, you're sure to see something that you like.

When I leave the day job and put my mask on to head into the night, I pursue many interests.

At the forefront of those interests is my love of writing.

My fiction and non-fiction has appeared in publications as diverse as Outside Magazine, Toy Shop, USA Today, Video Shopper and even the backs of Action Figure packaging.

My current project is a middle grade series set in the mountains of North Carolina. That occupies most of my fiction time, but look for the occasional piece that slips through the cracks. I just may post it here.

... so where do the tigers come in?

As a child I shared all of my adventures with a white tiger. As I grew, he grew also but we never lost sight of the journey. Today we pursue the same adventures, albeit on a different schedule.

As you hike the forests of North America keep one eye open for me. I'll be the one with the cup of Caribou Coffee and the tiger by my side.

Until then Keep the Adventure Alive.