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    July 06, 2006



    Thank you~!!!

    Dave Harris

    As an extra thank you, here's the french version of Call Me Beep Me Priscilla looks pretty good as Kim, as well

    Dave Harris

    Thanks again, Tom, I dl'd this from you years ago, but recently swapped phones & laptops, so lost it.


    The Blog Post gives a number of suggestions for moving files to your phone. Try one of those. Bluetooth may be your best bet.


    Thanks! i LOVE KP! how do you move it to your phone and save it as a ringtone?
    because i have a HTC phone and i have no idea how to do it. Help me!


    Thanks for the ringtone. As for The Dollyrots, this is the first of their songs I've heard... I dig it. I'll have to go get me some. Thanks for the post.


    Thanks so much I have been searing every where for this ringtone.


    Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    Once again thanks for all the comments. I'm happy to see this remains as popular as ever. Kim Lives!


    Jordan Greene

    THANKS! I have used this for some time now and love it... can you make one where it is the sound that the Kimmunicator makes when she answers... I would like to make that my text sound. Thanks again!

    Gabby J

    I'd been looking everywhere THX is great :D

    Account Deleted



    thanks soo much!!! i was lookin EVERYWHERE for this! my friend wouldnt give it to me over bluetooth , so now i can shove this in her face!

    Adri Swaap

    BooYah, thanx for the tone.
    but can you tel me witch software you did use to make this tone??

    Adri Swaap

    Ow i did forget this.
    A BIG BOO YAH for al the KP fans who try to keep her alive.
    When we stand togeter i am sure that we can get Disney on their knees.
    If we want a season 5 from KP than we wil have to fight for it.
    But as i did say, togetter we are strong, and toggeter we can Accompliced what we cant do on our one.
    So stay put and keep on figting. voor our Kim Possible & Ron Stoppeble (and offcourse our lidl friend Rufus)

    Adri Swaap

    Hey thanx for the ringtone.
    But there is one thing i dont understand.
    When i downloaded the ringtone and play it in mediaplayer it did sound like it has to sound, but as soon as i didput it on my mobile i did miss the last two tones????
    Ere there more people wo had this problem, or am i the only one.
    I now that it can be that i did make a mistake.
    I am not a prof on this area, bud if there is someone who can tell me what i did wrong i will apriciate it.

    Regards, Adri Swaap.

    whoop whoop



    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! ive been looking for this and couldnt find it anywhere!!! and now i got it and it is very high quality and I DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!!!

    the scorpion

    what is your phone number

    Chris Porter

    I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    where do u go from sound?
    cuz mine saves it as a sound how do i apply it as ringtone?


    I love you!!..I was dieing for this!!


    KP is the best, it was one of my fave shows.
    this ringtone is too cool.


    Hi, I just picked up a Verizon Droid and was hoping that some could help me get the ringtone to my phone. I've tried the download but it's not working.


    As soon as I heard Kim get a call on the TV show years ago, I knew it was the perfect ringtone for the reasons you cited above.

    It's short, subtle, but still very discernible from other background noise - something I'd demand from any ringtone. And the high-pitched 'dual tone multi-frequency' motif is excellent for that.

    I typed the notes manually into my old phone and have been using it in some version ever since.

    You'll find a nice long delay is good for this one - so it repeats the short sequence of notes about every 5 seconds or so. That gives you plenty of time to answer, is not too long if you miss it the first time, and it has no chance to get annoying/embarrassing, even if it rings out.

    The catchy Kim Possible theme song fixes that melody in your mind too, so it's even more discernible than just any similar set of notes.

    The only problem I had initially was resisting a strong out-of-character urge to melodramatically answer the phone with, "What's the sitch?"

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