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    September 14, 2008



    this worked great wish been looking for a ringtone that would work for forever THANKS!


    Click the link at the top of the post. The original (non-iPhone) version is there.


    You're release of the Kimmunicator is the best I've come across! However, I'd like to trim it from 19 seconds to 6 seconds with a ringtone app. Problem is that ringtone apps only turn mp3s into the [RING] format. Once a [RING] there's no way to trim it. Any help or would it be cool to post a mp3 version as well?


    On a Mac you create Ringtones within GarageBand. If you're on Windows, I have no idea.


    It goes into my music but I can't make it a ringtone, stupid iTunes. Help?


    I have a small problem with it. When I right click on it, the only options are to Save as Source, or Save as QuickTime Movie, but that would cost like $30 to get the prgramor whatever to do that. What do I do?!?!


    I love the ringtone but I can't get it to go onto my ringtones. It is more than glad to go onto my music but I can't get it to change to a ringtone.


    Sweet I just downloaded this from my Palm Prē and set it as my ringtone.
    Sure glad I don't have to go through all that iTunes stuff...


    By default, the save-as feature will change the .M4R to .MP4 and that means iTunes won't pick up the ringtone. Change your extension for the download from .MP4 back to .M4R and it will work.


    to right click on a mac you press control+click i got it to work with that good luck!!!


    I made the ringtone for myself on my old cell phone, but I was stuck on making my own iPhone version. Thank you! You rock!


    HELP!!!! I had the KP ringtone, and it worked perfectly, until I upgraded iTunes and resynced. It deleted the ringtone from my phone and now I can't get it back. I'm so angry. I hate their stupid default options. They are embarrassing. (I just keep thinking of the poor victim whose duck ring interrupted the President's speech.) I need my KP ring back, but it seems my hands are tied.


    Now if only Apple would let us easily make new SMS alert tones, I would be in heaven. Not all that thrilled at the prospect of jailbreaking my company phone just for the Kimmunicator beep, but at least I have the ringtone for now - thanks!


    oh, and paul, I doubt you have checked back here recently or will any time soon, but what you need to do is ctrl+click on a mac to "right click" and select save as. I believe you can also hold click for 3-5 seconds and it also will give you right click options, but I might be remember incorrectly.


    chris, you aren't the only one. It's ron who makes the show usually, LOVE will friedle, if you don't know he was also Eric on Boy Meets World.

    usually good story lines, but the last season did seem kind of thrown together. I did like the final 2 episodes (or 1 episode split into 2 parts).

    I blame disney channel for the show leaving since they have their 3 or 4 seasons rule so a show doesn't get too old, but they have pretty much gotten rid of that rule since booting KP. Suite Life has been on for more than 3 seasons and Hannah Montana, neither show as good as KP.

    Chris from Columbus

    Thanks for posting this stuff, Tom. I just got into Kim Possible recently, so I'm really late to the game, but knowing about episodes on iTunes and the chance to make a paper collectible (since I'll never get to buy one) has helped me get over the series ending. I'm also happy to know I'm not the only fan who's well into adulthood.

    Thanks again!


    I have an Iphone and a mac

    I can't get the kimmunicator ringtone to work

    for me

    i can't even right click on my mac

    help please

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